Korean wedding dress brands list (best luxurious brands)

Korean wedding dress brands list (best luxurious brands) Best Korean Bridal Brands 2020

Wedding dresses made by korean designers it’s really something pure but glamor, very unique. If you want to emphasize your individuality and charm, then Korean designer wedding dresses are an excellent choice.

P.S. Absolutely all brands presented in this article are great regardless of their position on the list.


  1. House of Amy ( 하우스 오브 에이미 )
  2. Robedek ( 로브드k 웨딩드레스 )
  3. Bridal Kong ( 브라이덜공 웨딩드레스)
  4. Rose Rosa ( 로즈 로사 웨딩드레스 )
  5. Florence (플로렌스 웨딩드레스)
  6. Hestia ( 에스띠아 )
  7. Elizabeth ( 엘리자베스럭스 웨딩드레스 )
  8. Atelier Laurier ( 아뜰리에로리에 웨딩드레스 )
  9. Polaris ( 폴라리스웨딩드레스 ) boutique imported wedding dresses

House of Amy ( 하우스 오브 에이미 )

Briefly about the brand: For you who dream of a wedding different from others, trendy and sensual wedding styling~
(custom design possible)
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/houseofamy_official/
Official Website: http://houseofamy.com/

Robedek ( 로브드k 웨딩드레스 )

Briefly about the brand:“We design simple and unique details with emphasizing the purity of the Wedding dresses. The major signature of Robe de K’s dress is haute couture design such as overlapping Organza silk fabrics to each other and hand draped.”
P.S. A lot of korean celebrities are clients of this amazing brand.
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/robedek_official/
Official Website: http://www.robedek.com/

Bridal Kong ( 브라이덜공 웨딩드레스)

Briefly about the brand: Bridal Kong is one of the leading dress company established and incorporated since 2009. With innovative designs, Bridal Kong became incomparable and unique brand in South Korea.
The Brand leads repidly changing fashion trends and suggest customized styling service for each individual.
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/bridalkong/
Official Website: http://www.bridalkong.com/

Rose Rosa ( 로즈 로사 웨딩드레스 )

Briefly about the brand: As the name suggests, Rose Rosa is a dress shop with a romantic and lovely feeling overall. The charm of a youthful look is reflected by emphasizing the luxury and innocence in the lovely style of the bright princess style. For young brides who are looking for a stylish and bright dress with a sensuous design.
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/roserosa.wedding/
Official Website: http://roserosa.co.kr/

Florence (플로렌스 웨딩드레스)

Briefly about the brand: The depth of elegance Florence wedding.
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/florencewedding_official/
Official Website: http://florence.co.kr/designer.html

Hestia ( 에스띠아 )

Briefly about the brand: HESTIA expresses a woman’s sense of dignified and stylish charm.
The pursuit of luxurious minimalism with an elegant yet chic silhouette, a combination of fine materials, unique point details and a variety of moods.
Instagram: http://Official Website:
Official Website: http://w-hestia.com/

Elizabeth ( 엘리자베스럭스 웨딩드레스 )

Briefly about the brand: Elegant and luxurious wedding dresses.
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/lux.e.lounge/

Atelier Laurier ( 아뜰리에로리에 웨딩드레스 )

Briefly about the brand: Pure and flawless wedding dresses design.
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/atelierlaurier_official/

Polaris ( 폴라리스 웨딩드레스 )

Briefly about the brand: Polaris Wedding is an imported multi-dress shop based on uniqueness and light classicism. We propose a precious dress that is unique to imported dresses with unique designs and differentiated materials that cannot be found in domestic hemp.
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/polaris_wed/

Korean wedding dress brands list (best luxurious brands)

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