How to get rid of acne (korean way to treat acne)

How to get rid of acne (korean way to treat acne & acne scars)

Hello~ If you still struggling with acne and if you wish to have clear skin, this article is right for you ~
No secret how powerful korean skincare is, and in this article we sharing best korean tips to treat acne & acne scars and red marks.

Contents, korean way to get rid of acne:

1. Water balance and Stress
2. Best medical procedures to treat acne
3. Skincare cosmetic tips
4. Rice Water
5. Psychological acne treatment (korean version)

1. Water balance and Stress

Yeah – yeah, we know you heard about that so many times but it’s really important, so we wish you to read this ~ Of course, you can’t treat your acne only by drinking a lot of water and keeping yourself calm. But, you definitely can’t totally get rid of acne by still running not healthy lifestyle.

In Korean medicine, stress is the most common cause of many diseases. And what about a water balance, here in Korea peoples used to drink really a lot of water. It’s like an culture. And for example, if you will get sick (no matter what kind of sick), koreans will say to you first “Oh, you have to drink a lot of water and rest well”. And this is not empty sound, koreans really believe in power of water. Mm… actually. maybe that’s why most koreans aging sooo slowly.

So please, no stress and drink more water !

2. Best medical procedures to treat acne

Of course, Korea has an incredible array of treatments for acne, but we’ve only picked the most best that Koreans love:

1. Anti-inflammatory injection (염증 주사)
2. Exfoliating scaling – 각질 스케일링
3. Aqua peeling 아쿠아 필
4. Fraxel 프락셀

Probably, you may be able to do some of these procedures in your country. But then, we strongly recommend you to go to the clinic that uses Korean equipment. It’s really matters!
You can read more about these procedures in this article:
Acne medical treatments in Korea (procedures & clinics )

3. Skincare cosmetic tips

First of all, you need to know that frequent changes of the cosmetics causes acne. For example, if you have used Nivea cosmetics for 2 weeks, and then suddenly decide to start using Innisfree cosmetics, this can stress your skin and cause acne.

So to heal your acne, you have to be patient and choose right cosmetic brand for you. The best of the best Korean cosmetic brands for problem and sensitive skin are:
– Dr Jart

And second skincare tip is to use creams with watery consistence. And we don’t really know why, but a lot of korean beauty bloggers saying that this is super important. We don’t know how, but it really works.

korean drama true beauty - how to get rid of acne
And very important thing is you don’t need to give up make-up! Just use more skin-friendly foundation or bb-cream, whatever. Cause make-up sometimes can protect your skin from dust and dirty air, too cold wind, uv rays. Just make sure you wash-off your make-up carefully and totally.

4. Rice Water (to treat acne and repair skin)

This lifehack is truly incredible.

You can forget about your creams and tonics and use only rice water to treat your acne and acne scars. Especially if your skin is very sensitive – be sure to try this lifehack.

All you need to do is prepare the rice water. To do this, take a small handful of white rice, rinse it a little and then add about 20 ml of lukewarm water to a bowl. Wait 30 minutes and then rub your face with this water using a cotton pad.

To understand clearly how to make rice water, watch this video below. Even if you don’t know Korean, it will become clear to you how to do it. 🙂

P.S. Rice water have very skin friendly PH level, so if your skin too dry or too oily rice water is perfect for you. Just try to use rice waterfor a 1 week and your skin will get so much better)

5. Psychological acne treatment (korean version)

So, In order to get rid of acne, you need to:

  1. No stress
  2. Love yourself
  3. Stop judging others (really important)

And for you to make your mentality stronger and healthier we highly recommened you to watch korean drama “true beauty”! Believe us, this drama will bust up your confidence and self esteem! Don’t give up! You can more than you think 🙂

kdrama true beauty - how to get rid of acne

Thank you for reading! Hope your skin will get much better soon, even sooner than you can imagine!
~ From Korean with Love ~

How to get rid of acne (korean way to heal acne and acne scars)

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