Acne medical treatments in Korea (procedures & clinics )

Acne medical treatments in Korea ( best medical procedures & clinics )

No secret how powerful korean skincare treatments, and if you tried literally everything to treat acne but you still have it, we highly recommend you to read this article ^ㅅ^

There are indeed many acne treatments in Korean skin care clinics, but we have selected only 7 of them, the most effective ones that Koreans really like.

Best procedures to treat acne in Korea, contents:

Best medical procedures to get rid of acne:
1. Anti-inflammatory injection (염증 주사)
2. Exfoliating scaling – 각질 스케일링
3. Aqua peeling 아쿠아 필
4. Fraxel 프락셀
5. Bentrax Gel 벤트락스겔
Best skincare clinics in Korea:
1. Oracle clinic 청담 오라클 피부과 성형외과
2. Clarnb clinic 클라앤비
3. Seoul Wclinic (W클리닉)
4. Beautis 뷰티스맑은 피부과

1. Anti-inflammatory injection – 염증 주사

Really cheap but really effective procedure to get rid of acne.
Price: around 1만5천원 ( 15 $ )
Description & results: This procedure is good for painful acne, after this procedure the pimple disappears in 1-3 days. Also good for subcutaneous acne.

4. Exfoliating scaling – 각질 스케일링

What is 각질 스케일링? It is excellent procedure for skin whitening effect, skin elasticity, acne treatment, prevention and improvement of fine wrinkles by lightly dissolving only the dead skin, that is, dead skin, with chemicals, and regenerating the epidermis and dermis. In addition, it can improve acne scars, wide pores, red skin due to acne, etc. It is also effective in treating spots and freckles, which are pigment diseases, and preventing skin aging.
Price: around 88000원 ( 80 $ )

5. Aqua peeling 아쿠아 필

Aqua Peel has the nickname of ‘perfect toning’ and ‘moisture peeling’. Like its nickname, it is effective in removing impurities in pores, and it removes dead skin cells, cleans blackheads, and pores, makes skin tone healthier. It is a procedure that removes sebum and impurities from the pores as moisture is sprayed from the machine + tightens the pores with suction power.
Price: around 50 000 원 (45 $)

6. Fraxel 프락셀

Fraxel is a laser treatment method that performs fine peeling. As the micro-treatment area is regenerated, the area around the scar can be cut directly and the desired treatment effect can be expected. It is perfect to remove wrinkles, acne marks, scars, and freckles. The most effective treatment among all laser treatments for acne.
Price: 50만원 (450 $)

7. Bentrax Gel 벤트락스겔

This one actually is not procedure, but a spot cream. Very cheap and super effective against red acne marks and scars. You can buy it literally almost in every korean pharmacy (drugstore)

So thats all,
Perhaps you expected a list of more procedures, but in fact, even Koreans say that after other procedures, the result, although there is, is barely noticeable and temporary.

But the price is very high. ㅠㅠ
So this is all we can really recommend to you from the bottom of our hearts ^^

Thank you for reading! Wish your skin will get better soon!!)

Acne medical treatments in Republic of Korea ( best procedures & clinics )

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